Well-being is the ability to constantly adapt to internal and external changes.

Dr. med. Christian Hoppe

Many people fail to relieve their suffering, to break away from their bad habits. They spin in circles and in the worst case you are in a downward spiral – in a vicious cycle.


I enjoy taking the time to listen to you. Health coaching requires trust and time – your valuable time. Only after discussions and thorough, conventional medical diagnostics, we can begin a meaningful individual therapy. Four letters will always accompany us: BERN (capital of Switzerland and my hometown)


B = Behavior
E = Exercise
R = Relax
N = Nutrition

Dr. Hoppe Heimat Bern

In relation to all these points, we look for a new balance. Staying in this steady state requires constant work on and with oneself – a “work” that pays off.


I will personally accompany you, remain with you and promise you: We will find your way!


Yours sincerely, Christian Hoppe