Sport & Nutrition

Medical Coaching

In addition to health coaching and primary care, sports medicine is another focus of my practice in Bad Ragaz.

It deals with the influence of sports and exercise on the musculoskeletal system and on the cardiovascular system. Of course, this also includes the treatment of acute sports injuries.

For many years I have had the honour and pleasure of serving world-class athletes in a variety of sports. This is where the roots of medical coaching lie. The classic doctor-patient relationship is replaced by a partnership-based, friendly co-operation. The athlete is the focus. Such a relationship does not happen overnight. The mutual trust must first be established and carefully built up.


No matter whether you practice sport as an amateur or a professional, as a Medical Coach I stand by your side, ideally as a Primus inter Pares in the context of a performance-oriented teamwork.

– Sports medical examinations (MRI, CT)

– Care of acute injuries

– Ultrasound and X-ray diagnostics (external)

– Injection and infusion therapy

– Nutritional advice

– Orthomolecular Medicine

– Muscle building

– Fat burning

– Doping prevention

– Shock wave therapy

– Performance diagnostic

– Step lactate test on ergometer or treadmill

Nutrition Consulting

Preventive nutritional counselling is aimed at people who want to review, change or improve their dietary habits in order to  experience the feeling of being in the best of health. I will assist you in your diet change. Also, in all diet-related diseases, I am your competent partner in nutritional therapy.

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